Allowing Remote Desktop on your Workstation - Firewall Rules Windows 10

Recently, Group Policies have changed the firewall rules to access desktops remotely over campus network and VPN. For the computer you are remoting into, you will need to enable Remote Desktop in Windows Firewall and Allow remote connections to the computer.

Note: Please refer to the Remoting Into Windows 10 Desktop Over VPN guide for set up.

Step One: Start off by opening the Start Menu and type in the search bar "Windows Firewall".


Step Two: Select "Allow an app through Windows Firewall".


Step Three: Click on Change Settings on the top right corner and scroll down to Remote Desktop and check off the two empty box next to it. Then click OK.

Step Four: From the Start menu, search for and select "Allow remote connections for this computer".

Step Five: Be sure to apply the Remote Desktop changes that are highlighted as they have not been applied to the host desktop yet.

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