How to login to RE/FE database view (via Citrix Reciever)

How to login to RE web (Citrix)


            Welcome to the “Cloud”!  The topic of the day is Accessing and using RE7 Hosted                     


  1. What is software is needed?
  • A web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari)
  • Citrix web browser receiver


  1. How do I get Citrix and install on my workstation?

Open a browser session and navigate to:


Check the box to agree to the Citrix license and click the big green download button to start the download. 


If you don’t see the green button look for:


Download the appropriate Citrix Receiver AND Install the application by following the on-screen instructions.  In Firefox you also must select Always Active in the Add Ons.




  1. What is my login and password?

Your login information is provided to you by the system administrator

Open the Citrix Receiver App from Programs (in Windows) or Launcher (in Mac)

You may also launch the Citrix application directly. Look for the Citrix icon in your system tray.     


Right click on the icon and select Log On and enter your credentials.  First time users will see a new account setup box.  Enter


When logged into Citrix Receiver you will see the Blackbaud Apps page (your available icons may be different depending on your security group).


For first-time users, a temporary password is provided by the system administrator; you will be prompted to create a new password once you login to Citrix.  

Click on The Raiser’s Edge – 796 icon 

University Advancement uses Single Sign-on to access RE7.  If the program does not launch and the login dialogue box appears, then contact the System Administrator via the Team Dynamix ticket.

Click the icon: 

            You MUST select “Always Allow” when your browser prompts.

Five failed attempts will lock your account and will have to wait twenty minutes or be reset by the system administrator.


For Assistance please contact:

Mike Smith – 1479

Catherine Scarlett – 3083      





Alternatively you can login to the program from any web browser.  Open Chrome and navigate to the Blackbaud Application Hosting web page:



From the Blackbaud window click on the icon labeled “The Raisers Edge – 796”




Exporting and importing Data


For data to go in or out of RE (the secure area) it must go through a “gate” first.  We use FTP to transfer files.



To go directly to the Files Folder login screen through your web browser of choice

  • Boston County Data Center:

Enter your Hosting Username and Password (select "Remember my Password" if you are not on a Public computer)

Note: These are the same credentials used to log into the Blackbaud Application Portal

  1. Click Login
  2. In the Enter /SiteID field, type our Site ID (4164)
    Note:  Make sure to leave the "/" in the field so your site ID should look like this: /4164
  3. Click Go
  4. Use the buttons at the top to manage and navigate through your organization's Files Folder



How to access RE Mobile


How It Works

The Raiser’s Edge mobile application displays live data directly from our database in

The Raiser’s Edge. When you access a page or record in the mobile application, the latest information is loaded on the mobile device’s web browser. 



Mobile App System key: 3F01AE9AFCC4


Mobile Event App System key: D8B417C3D6E0

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