How to Protect your system from "WannaCrypt" Ransomware

The recent outbreak of the ransomware WannaCrypt presents a threat to Windows users. This worm can spread via unsecured networks and will encrypt your files and prevent you from accessing your data until you pay a ransom. We have compiled the solutions to the vulnerabilities in Windows that allow this ransomware to work.

Please update your PC as soon as possible to protect yourself and those around you from this threat. 

For Windows 8/8.1/ XP /Server Operating Systems:

   If you are using system Windows 8, Windows XP or below Server 2008R2, download the patch from here:

For Windows 10 Systems (Most Common):

Step One: select the Start button, then go to Settings.


Step Two: Click on  Update & security 

Step Three: Next select Windows Update, and select Check for updates.


 ***If Windows Update says your device is up to date, you have all the updates that are currently available.***

For Non-Windows Devices and Computers:

There is no need to worry. Your device has not been targeted by WannaCrypt, but it is never a bad idea to keep your system up to date. This will help prevent future attacks that could target you!

We still recommend that you always be vigilant when clicking on links and reading attachments received in emails from an unknown source. The worm was spread primarily by users clicking on links sent via email.

To search for the corresponding patch on the Microsoft KnowledgeBase:

The numbers listed correspond to the article number.

Windows7 – KB: 4012212 or 4012215

Windows8.1 – KB: 4012213 or 4012216

Windows10 vs 1511 – KB: 4013198 or 4016636 or 4015219, or 4019473

Windows10 vs 1607 and Server 2016 – KB: 4013429, 4015438, 4016635, 4015217, 4019472

Windows Server 2008R2 – KB: 4012212 or 4012215

Windows Server 2012 – KB: 4012214 or 4012217

Windows Server 2012R2 – KB: 4012213 or 4012216

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