Send on Behalf Of Email in Outlook (desktop application)

To configure “Send on Behalf Of” permissions email in Outlook.

Add User as Delegate from granting Mailbox

Step One: In the Outlook desktop client, click File then select the Account Settings button.  Click on Delegate Access.

Step Two: On the Delegates popup, click Add.

Step Three: In the Add Users picker, search and select the user who will be your delegate, click the Add button and click OK on the Add Users screen.

Step Four: To give delegate permissions for an email delegate, configure the permissions as shown below:

Step Five: Click OK to close the Delegates popup

Outlook Folder Permissions

Step One: Right-click mailbox name and select Folder Permissions.

Step Two: In the Folder Permissions Properties tab, click the Add button to add the delegate account and then edit the permissions as shown below.  Click Apply and then OK.

















Configuration for Delegate

Step One: Open Outlook on the Delegates computer and select File,  then Account Setting and Account Settings again.

Step Two: Click the Data Files Tab, then select Settings then select Advanced.

Step Three: In the Advanced Tab, click the Add button and add the username of the person whose email you are to manage.  Click Apply then click OK.

Step Four: Close the Account Setting Window. Close Outlook and then reopen.

Step Five: On the Bottom of the Folder View you will see the mailbox for which you have been granted delegate access. Expand the delegates mailbox name and click on Inbox.

Step Six: To create and send email as a delegate, click New Email.  The default view will be as shown below.

Step Seven: Click the From drop down and select the delegates name.

Step Eight: Fill in the To address, Subject and Body and click Send.  The Recipient’s email will show the following:


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