Mapping a Network Drive on Windows 7

If you are trying to access your personal, web, or shared data network drive on either Ellensburg campus or connected via VPN, follow these steps.

If you have not installed the VPN software yet, please follow the VPN Instructions article for instructions

Step One: click on the Start menu and select Computer

Step Two: select Map Network Drive to start the Map Network Drive Tool.

Step Three: Select an available drive letter and enter the appropriate network address. Be sure select both checkboxes below.

Below are a few network drive addresses available.


\\\cwu_shares\homedirs  For G: or N: Drives (Personal Drive)

\\\cwu_shares\webdirs  For I: Drive (Web Drive)

\\\cwu_shares\Shared_data  (S: or other shared data drives)



\\\students\homedirs  For G: or N: Drives (Personal Drive)
\\\students\webdirs  For I: Drive (Web Drive)

If you are on the VPN, you will be prompted with a Windows Security pop-up, prompting for a Username and Password. If it automatically chose your computer's username, please select Other Account.

Make sure to type in CWU\ before typing in your username like down below and this will change the domain to CWU. Once your credentials are filled, click OK.

As a reminder, please make sure you are using the most recent credentials (Username and Password) in the security window, otherwise it will not allow you to map the network drive. If you are unsure what your username or password is, please view the Password Reset guide.

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