Charitable Payroll Deduction

If you would like to add a charitable deduction to your payroll please click the button to your right.

Please provide the fund you wish your donation be applied to, how much from each pay check and for how long. If you do not have an end date it will continue until you provide a written cancellation to Payroll and the Foundation.

Please indicate when you would like the deduction to start.

Please keep in mind payroll cannot immediately take it out, it must be submitted in timely manner.

To process your payroll deduction for Alumni Memberships: Please Sign In with your CWU Credentials and include your preferred membership (Ie. Annual or Annual Joint) and bi-monthly payment amount in the “Other” category.

If you have any questions about the designation or receipting please contact the Foundation if you have any questions about the deduction itself please contact Payroll directly.