Foundation Cash Box Request

Cash Box Request

Central Washington University Foundation may make available a Cash box containing a predetermined amount of funds for the purpose of an event. 

To request a cash box, please complete and submit the Cash Box Request form to the right and attach it to your Online Request.

Cash boxes are limited to $200. 

They must be requested at least 5 business days before your event. 

A confirmation email will be sent to notify you when the cash box is ready for pick up from the Foundation Office, Barge 115. 

Returning a Cash Box

After the event, the amount of cash to be returned in the box, should be the EXACT amount that you were originally given. Any additional funds you want deposited to your account, must be accompanied by a deposit slip referencing the correct account number and submitted separetly to the Foundation office. 

Any questions about requesting a cash box, or returning a cash box please contact Juliana Lowe at




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