Scanning your PC for Viruses

Keep your PC free of viruses by conducting regular scans by trusted antivirus protection. This article will walk you through the easy steps to (1) download and use the free version of Malwarebytes and (2) use the built-in Windows Security.  If you are on a CWU tagged device, do NOT install Malwarebytes.  Please run the Windows Security scan.

How to Download Malwareytes

How to Run Malwarebytes

How to Run Windows Security

How to Download Malwarebytes

Step One: Malwarebytes can be downloaded for free on personal devices by going to the following site:


Step Two: When the Windows Dialogue opens click “Yes” to install the software on your computer. Complete the following steps to install Malware Bytes on your personal computer.  For your personal device, select "Personal Computer". If you are on a CWU tagged device, do NOT install Malwarebytes.  Please run the Windows Security scan.


Step Three: Click "Install"


Step Four: Click "Get Started"


Step Five: Click "Maybe Later"

*The free version of Malwarebytes is comprehensive enough to scan your computer for viruses; no purchase is necessary.


Step Six: Select "Malwarebytes free"


How to Run Malwarebytes

Step One: Once you have reached the Malwarebytes main page, click "Scan":

*The Scan will run at this point, leave your computer on until the scan is complete.


Step Two: If a threat is found, quarantine it. If you cannot quarantine a threat, please contact the CWU Service Desk right away.


Step Three: Run the Malwarebytes scan until the report comes back with zero threats detected


How to Run Windows Security

Step One: Type "Windows Security" into your Windows search feature


Step Two: Click "Check for Updates"

*It is important to check for updates before starting a scan to ensure your system will scan with the most up to date threat vulnerability index.


Step Three: Next, select "Virus & Threat Protection"


Step Four: Click "Quick Scan"


Step Five: If threats are found, quarantine and mitigate them. Your Virus & threat protection screen should say (1) “No current threats.” Your Virus & threat protection settings should say (2) “no action needed.” Your ransomware protection should say (3) “no action needed.” If threats are still found, consult an IT professional.

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