Remoting into a Windows 10 PC from a MAC

MAC users trying to connect to an on-campus PC must follow these steps in order to connect.

Step One: From the App store, download Microsoft Remote Desktop 10Once the download is finished, open the app.

Step Two: You should see the following screen below once the app is opened.  Click on Add PC

Step Three: Under the PC Name field you will type in "" with the number signs being replaced by the tag number from the device you wish to access.

Step Four: In the User account, click on the bar to select Add User Account...

Step Five: Fill out the information below with your CWU credentials, then click add on this screen and the previous screen. Be sure to enter CWU\ before entering your username.

Step Six: Once you have finished, the screen below should pop up with the computer you are trying to connect to.  Click on the app to start the remote connection. If you are off campus, make sure that you are connected to the VPN with Cisco any connect first.


Step Seven: Click continue to start remote connection to the on-campus PC.


Note: When intending to remote into your desktop computer, please do the following while working on it:

In order to access your network drives or workstation, you will need to map them to your computer. Follow this article to do that: Connecting to a Network Drive

Please contact the Service Desk at 509-963-2001 if you are having issues.


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