Accessing the Virtual Student Lab with Windows Application

Step One: Navigate to in a web browser

Step Two: Save the RemoteDesktop file. (Version # may be different)

Step Three: Open the downloaded file to install RemoteDesktop.

If a warning appears, select Ok.

Step Four: Run the file when prompted.

Step Five: When the installer appears, select Next.

Step Six: Accept the EULA (End User License Agreement), then click Next.


Step Seven: Select either install option, then click Install.

Step Eight: When finished installing, check the box to “Launch…”, and select Finish.


Step Eight: When remote desktop launches, click Subscribe.

Step Nine: Enter your CWU login.  This will be the same credentials you use for email -

Step Ten: Enter your CWU password.  

Step Eleven: Your available resources will be presented similar to this image.

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