Accessing the Virtual Student Lab with Mac Application

Step One: Open the App Store application on your Mac system.

Step Two: Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop

Step Three: Click Get next to Microsoft Remote Desktop 10. Enter Apple ID account credentials as needed.

Step Four: Click Open to start the application

Step Five: Click the Gear button and select Preferences.

Step Six: Select the User account tab.

Step Seven: Click to add a user account.

Step Eight: Use your CWU email address and password.  Click Add.

Step Nine: Close Preferences window.

Step Ten: Select Workspaces tab and click add Workspace.

Step Eleven:  Type into Add Workspace text box and click Add.

Step Twelve: Enter your CWU email address and click Next.

Step Thirteen: You will be directed to the CWU login page, enter your password and click Sign in.

Step Fourteen: Available applications and desktops will be populated. 



Step Fifteen: Under User Account, use the dropdown menu to select the user account you created earlier.  Click Save.

Step Sixteen: Select the desktop or application you'd like to use.  You're all set.

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