Accessing the Virtual Student Lab via the Internet

Step One:  Navigate to

Step Two: Enter your CWU email login, which is your (not the

Step Three: Enter your password.  This will be the same as your MyCWU and Canvas accounts. 

Step Four:  Once logged in, you will be provided a screen that shows the different applications and desktops available to you(students commonly use the Lab Desktop, which is what you normally would see when using a CWU computer).

Step Five: Choose what local resources will be accessible to the remote desktop.

(If you check Clipboard you are just allowing access to be able to use copy and paste from your computer to the remote desktop, if you check Printer you are also allowing the remote desktop access to be able to use the printer that it connected to your computer).

Step Six: Enter your CWU credentials once more and click Submit.  At this point, the remote desktop will be loaded.

For more information on downloading the Virtual Lab applications on either a PC or a Mac - select this link to articles on the Virtual Labs

If you have any questions or run into issues, please reach out to the Service Desk at 509-963-2001 or

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