OneDrive on VDI

CWU’s virtual lab environment is configured similarly to a “Deep Frozen” on-campus lab.  Any changes made to the lab computer will be lost when you log off.  This includes any files you save while working on a virtual lab computer.

In order to save your work, you must use OneDrive or CWU network shares.  Information Services strongly recommends using OneDrive as this will provide you with unlimited storage, your files will be accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, and you will be able to open/change/save your files much faster than from a network drive.

Virtual lab computers will automatically synchronize files in the Desktop, Documents, and Pictures files while you are connected.  You can tell that a file or folder is being synchronized when it has a small cloud or check mark icon beside it in File Explorer (see items circled in Figure 1). If you do NOT see a cloud or check mark icon, your file is NOT being saved to OneDrive and you should move it to a OneDrive folder.

You can open files in OneDrive from within any of the applications installed on a virtual lab computer. An example of accessing OneDrive from within Microsoft Word. 

You can also save files directly to OneDrive from within any of the applications installed on a virtual lab computer.  An example of opening a file on OneDrive from within Microsoft Word.

Opening or saving files on OneDrive will look slightly different depending on the application in use. Below shows how to save a directory in OneDrive using R Studio.

It is critical to make sure you are saving your files to OneDrive, or a folder configured to synchronize with OneDrive.  Virtual lab users can save files in other locations while connected to a virtual lab computer (such as the C: drive) but they will be deleted when you disconnect and Information Services will be unable to restore these files.


Once your files are saved to OneDrive, you can access them anywhere using your own device with a web browser or by installing the OneDrive client application.  The Information Services Service Desk has more information available here:


OneDrive for PC Setup

OneDrive for Mac Setup

OneDrive for iOS or Android Setup

Downloading files from OneDrive with a Web Browser

For any additional information, please contact the IS Service Desk at (509) 963-2001 or email


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