Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Security Key Setup

Multi Factor Authentication – Security Key Set Up

Step 1: Please visit and set up one of two methods of authentication listed below before adding a security key.

Step 2:Add full phone number including area code.

You will now receive a phone call. Please answer and press the pound key # to finish verification.

If registration is successful, click next and you should see the page below.

Step 3: Navigate back to and click on +Add method and select “security key.”

Step 4: Select USB Device and click Next. You may receive a call to approve your sign in request one more time.

Step 5: At the next two Windows Security windows, please click OK to proceed setup. Insert security window when prompted.

At the third Windows Security window, please set up a security key PIN and touch the key to confirm set up when prompted.  

Note: This security key PIN will be used for authentication when security key is selected for authentication. PIN for this security key must be a minimum of 4 digits.

Step 6: Name your security key and select Next.

Step 7: Select done to close security box. You will now be redirected to the security info main page. You should now see your security key information updated in authentication methods.


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