Remoting Into Windows 10 Desktop Over VPN

This guide is specifically for connecting to your Windows 10-based Computer remotely from off-campus via the VPN software. Before starting to connect make sure you have the VPN installed on the computer that you are using to remote into your workstation. 

After you've successfully connected to CWU via the VPN, start the Remote Desktop Connection program. Here are VPN Instructions if needed.

Step One: to find the Remote Desktop Connection program open the Start Menu and type in the search bar "Remote Desktop Connection".



Step Two: select the first choice that appears.


Step Three: Now that Remote Desktop Connection is up enter the appropriate host name. The host name will be your PC tag number which is located on the computer tower itself. For example, Tag Number 12345 is a computer I would like to remote into.

Note: When entering the computer name, be sure to type out as the hostname (For example, Then click Connect.


Step Four: You will then be prompted by a Windows Security window, asking for credentials. Be sure to select Other User and enter CWU\ before entering your username. Once your credentials are typed in, you will notice the domain will switch to CWU. Click OK.


Step Five: You will begin to load into your workstation desktop and to end your session, simply press the X button on the visor above your session.

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