Accessing a SEM (Shared Exchange Mailbox)

After your account has been granted access to the SEM by the owner, you must do the following to Outlook:

On a Windows machine --

Step One: While logged into Outlook - select File from the menu bar, then click the Account Settings button, then Account Settings from the pop-up menu.

Step Two: Highlight your email address in the Email Accounts window, then select Change.

Step Three: In the next pop-up window click More Settings.

Step Four: In the MicroSoft Exchange pop-up select the Advanced tab.

Step Five: Press Add on that tab and enter the SEM's email address, then press OK.

Step Six: Close any windows left open and look to the bottom of the folder list in your Outlook client for the SEM account.

On a Macintosh computer --

Step One: While logged into Outlook, select Tools from the menu bar then Accounts.

Step Two: In the Accounts pop-up window, click on Advanced.

Step Three: Select the Delegates tab and find the section labeled "Open these additional mailboxes".

Step Four: Press the plus sign below this section and enter the email address of the account you are going to access.

Step Five: Highlight the email address and click OK, then close the Accounts pop-up window.

The SEM will remain in your Outlook client until removed with the reverse of the steps above.


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