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Adding faculty/staff shared mailboxes to their smartphone application
This article is about how to encrypt an email which is critical for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information during transmission.
A summary on receiving emails from outside of the domain and how to identify them.
A simple step by step guide that enables Shared Mailbox settings in Outlook for Office 365 and 2016
The differences between your login username and your CWU displayed email "alias".
How faculty and staff email archiving works here at Central Washington University.
How to share folders, contacts lists or calendars in Outlook
A short guide on how to set Read Receipts in Outlook 365, allowing senders to know if the recipient has read the email yet or not.
This is a step by step guide on repairing an Outlook profile on PC.
How to recover deleted emails in Outlook when using the Windows application.
A quick guide on recalling an email that was sent in Outlook 365.
This is usually caused when two versions of Office were installed, and one was uninstalled after the other was installed. This creates a mismatch in the library's the applications use to function correctly.