Archive or Back-Up in Outlook 365

Step One:  Sign in to the Outlook with your CWU credentials,  then go to File then Open & Export and then Select Import/Export

Step Two: Choose Export to a file

Step Three: Select "Outlook Data File" and then select "Next"

The format of the file will be in ".pst"

Step Four: Now you will choose the account you want to back-up/archive (more often than not, this will be your CWU account). Choose "Include subfolders" in order to include calendars, contacts, tasks and notes.

Step Five: Click "Next"

It will ask you to browse for a location in order to save your archived/back-up materials. You may select any place on your computer to save it.

If the export file already exists from a previous save, you may choose Options in order to manage the new save and the information in the old one.

Step Six: Finally, Click Finish

It may ask you to create a password to access your files. Simply create a password and follow the steps it prompts you along.


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