Can Access MyCWU, But Cannot Access Outlook

First and foremost, your Outlook login is your, NOT The is your email address. Additionally, your password is the same password you use for MyCWU. For more information, follow these links:

If you are logging in correctly, this article has the information you may need to know in order to fix the issue:

This is usually a browser related issue.  It is caused by the Operating System sending log on information to the browser, overwriting the entered values, or simply never asking for the log on.

If this is your first time logging into your email, please visit the Signing into Outlook (OWA) from the web first before attempting to troubleshoot.

Please view the Clearing Internet Browsing History, Cookies and Caches article first to troubleshoot any login issues.


Instructions for disabling Safari KeyChain logging

Step One: Open Safari and select Preferences > Autofill.


Step Two: Uncheck "Autofill web forms: User names and passwords." Safari will no longer attempt to save any new login information.

Step Three: Click the "Edit" button in the Autofill preferences next to "Autofill web forms: User names and passwords." A sheet window will open listing all the currently saved user names and passwords. Click "Remove All" to ensure that all existing login information is deleted.

Step Four: Click "Done" and close your Preferences.


Instructions for Disabling IE Auto logon

Step One: Open IE Internet Options


Step Two: Security Tab -> Custom Level...


Step Three: Scroll to the very bottom "User Authentication"

Step Four: Select "Prompt for User Name and password"

Email can also be accessed through using the log on in the upper right.

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