Login Usernames and Email Aliases FAQ

FirstName.LastName@cwu.edu acts like an alias to the traditional UserName@cwu.edu format, but does not replace it.  Rather it is designed to hide that address as it is also (and remains) your username you need to access university resources.  In the event that someone is trying to compromise your credentials, this alias will not give them the username you use to log into MyCWU.

From a technical standpoint this is a trivial change.  We are supplementing your current "default alias" for a new one, but not replacing or removing that original alias.  It will work, it is just not displayed.

Important things to understand:

  • This does not change how you log into email or any other CWU system That is still done using your CWU username.
  • This does not replace your current email address, but rather masks it.  All other alias addresses will continue to work exactly as they do today.
  • All email you send will now display your FirstName.LastName format address, and direct email responses to your FirstName.LastName address.
  • These are auto generated off your official name and must be unique (so there may be a number in there if you have a common name) but can be edited as noted below.
  • This will not affect alternate email systems like geology.cwu.edu


Below is an example of the differences between your Network Login (username) and your Email Address (alias)  you will find this information on the Homepage of your MyCWU account after logging in.  You will always log into your MyCWU account with your Network Login (username) which will most likely be your lastname and part of your firstname. When you send an email that Network login (username) will be hidden by you assigned Email address (alias). 

Common Issues

-When logging in, be sure to include @cwu.edu at the end of your username. 
-Do not use your address to log in: first.lastname@cwu.edu wont work!
-Be sure not to include any part of your username when making your password
-If you aren't sure what your username is, you can contact the service desk for help at (509)-963-2001


You have the option to change your Email Address (alias) you can do this by submitting a form. 

Service - Email Alias & Username Changes (teamdynamix.com)


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