Email Alias & Username Changes

Email Alias Changes

We have added a new address to student email accounts to have them match the options already available for faculty and staff!  This new address has a combination of your Firstname and Lastname and looks like this:  We have added this address format because it is an industry standard and a best practice.  It gives you an option that is clearly identifiable as “you” and protects your CWU network identity at the same time.  You are encouraged to use this address on business cards, e-mail signature blocks, social media, forms, or anywhere else you share your e-mail address. More information can be found in here in this FAQ, including how to find your address and it’s uses and limitations.

Your current address(es) will continue to work just as it does today so no need to update everyone; simply use the new address moving forward.

Changes to your email alias does not change the way you login to CWU systems.


Username Changes

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