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Services or Offerings?
Report of all donations greater than or equal to $1,000 for a given time period. This is the ad-hoc version of the monthly automate report.

Multiple team, end-to-end appeal support

Any important information for Advancement Services. This could be payment, event, mailing related...or any other topic that requires advance notice.

Have a business case for Auxiliary Services?

Schedule an appointment with ATMS on how-to use the Classroom technology.

Anything need replacing? Projector dim? Screen off-center?

Need assistance with the AV equipment in a conference room?

Anything need replacing? Projector dim? Screen off-center?

Do you have an event that requires AV setup/configuration for invited guests, a film festival, livestreaming, specific audio transmission, something pretty special?

Looking for new enhancements or additions to a Classroom, Conference room or Collaborative-space?

Want to set up a training session? We can schedule a training in the space you will be using or utilize our dedicated training space with classroom equipment!

Campus-wide lecture capture system. Used to record voice-over lectures and screen-capture videos that can be posted within Canvas courses

This request is for bequests that are not actively being worked by Development. These types of tickets are triggered by the mail receipt of checks or documentation.

Request to initiate bequest gift agreement or intent for review and processing.