Clearing Internet Browsing History, Cookies and Caches

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Internet Explorer



Step One: On the Safari menu bar, Select Safari.

Step Two: Select Preferences.

Step Three: Select the Advanced tab.

Step Four: Select Show Develop in the menu bar.

Step Five: From the menu bar, click Develop .

Step Six: Select Empty Caches.

Version 8.x
Step One: Select the History tab.

Step Two: Click Clear History and Website Data...

Step Three: Select all history and then click Clear History.


Step One: Select Menu on the top right corner.

Step Two: Select HIstory

Step Three: Select Privacy and Security

Step Four: Scroll down to Cookies and Site Data and History.

Step Five: Select Clear Data.

Step Six: After checking both boxes, hit Clear.

Step Seven: Select History.

Step Eight: Change the Time range to Everything, and click Clear Now.



For Mac Users:

Step One: Select Menu.

Step Two: Select History.

Step Three: Select Clear Recent History.

Step Four: Edit Time Range to Everything

Step Five: Select Cookies, Cache and Active Logins


Internet Explorer:

Step One: Select Tools in the top right hand corner.

Step Two:  Select Internet Options.

Step Three: In Browsing History Select  Delete...

Step Four: Check boxes as seen below, and then Select Delete.


Step One: Select Menu on the top right hand corner.

Step Two: Select More Tools.

Step Three:  Select Clear browsing data...


Step Four: Select: Browsing History, Download History, Cookies and other site and plugin data, and cached images and files.

Step Five: Edit the time range to All time, then click Clear Data.




Step One: Select the Menu on the top right hand corner.

Step Two: Select Settings

Step Three: Select Privacy and security.

Step Four: Select Choose what to clear.

Step Five: Check the boxes below, and then click Clear.


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