Adding Your CWU Email on Android

Step One: Go to Settings > Accounts or Mail > Add account > Email. This application might be named Mail or Email on some versions of Android.

Step Two: Type your full email address, for example, type your password, and then tap Next.

Step Three: Select Exchange (may be called Corporate).

Step Four: If prompted, accept the defaults on the Exchange server settings page, and tap Next.

Step Five: If your device can't connect, manually add the following account information:

  • Email: Make sure your full email address is in this box, for example,

  • Domain\Username: Please try one or more of the following (all have had success depending on the device); cwu\username,\username,\, cwu\

Note: If Domain and Username are in separate text fields, leave the Domain box empty and type your full email address in the Username box.

  • Password: CWU password.

  • Exchange Server:

  • Check Use secure connection (SSL).

  • If you are prompted to accept additional security or certificate features, select OK and continue.

Step Six: Select Next.

Once the device verifies the server settings, the Account Options page opens.

Step Seven: Select the options for how you want to receive your mail. Please note that if you select "Contacts", every contact in the CWU address book will become available (it is typically advised to deselect this option). 

Step Eight: Tap Next.

Note: You may see an Activate device administrator? page. Select Activate.

Step Nine: You may name the account (e.g. CWU Mail).

Step Ten: Tap Done.

If none of these options work, please call the Service Desk at (509) 963-2001 and we will work to assist you personally.

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