(Faculty/Staff) - How to Add Users to Shared Emails on PC

Please note that this process only works on PC's running Windows 10.  If you are on a MAC, contact the Service Desk at (509)-963-2001 and they can submit a ticket for you. 

You will need to be in the Resource Manager (RM) group for the shared email in order to add people. 

1. Open File Explorer

2. Select "Network" on the left-hand side. This will most likely produce an error message. That is ok, you can close the error window. 




3. At the top left of your screen, select the "Network" tab and select the "Search Active Directory" option. You will likely get a "Network Discovery" error. You can close this and proceed anyways. 



4. Search for the name of your shared email by filling out the name and selecting "Find Now" . If you aren't sure what the group's name is, the Service Desk can assist in finding it. 

5. Right Click on the FA group, go to "Properties",  and select "Add" down below. Then, type in the username of whomever you want to add to the shared email. 

6. Press "OK" or "Apply" 

7. Wait 30-35 minutes, then have the user restart their outlook client. They should then be able to add the shared email to their account. If they need assistance in doing so, they can refer to this KB article: https://cwu.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/2015/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=7906


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