Creating a mass mailing - Tricks and tips

The “Word” method – This allows customized emails with variables selected from your merge sheet (Name, department, or anything else in the spreadsheet)

Step One: Open Word 2016 or 365.

Step Two: Select the 7th tab “Mailings”, from the top bar

Step Three: Click “Start mail merge

Step Four: Pick “E-mail messages” from the drop down (Do this first because this changes the formatting in Word to support email drafting)

Step Five: Draft your email (Or cut and paste). 

Step Six: Select Recipients

Step Seven: Use contacts list (Will pop up Outlook contacts)

Step Eight: Select “Use an Existing List

Note, for this option, use excel, and first line needs to be headers.  These headers are required, and can allow for extreme customization of the individualized emails going out.

Step Nine: Click “Edit recipients List

This is a validation step and it will show you what it read from the file. There is some validation tools in this dialog for identifying duplicates and valid email addresses. Do any customizations using the “Write and Insert Fields” section

Step Ten: Select “Finish and Merge”, and again select email

Note:  Using this method you cannot select a “From” or a “Replies to” option like you can in Outlook.

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