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Types of Voicemail mailboxes on the Callxpress voicemail system.

1:  Standard mailbox:  This mailbox is just a standard voicemail box that is called into by a CWU desktop phone. When calling into it from campus desktop phone dial 2500 then enter mailbox password.  New voicemail is indicated by a red light on the top of the campus desktop phone.  This type of mailbox just provides standard mailbox features to users and callers.

This is the web link to the quick reference card for CallXpress TUI:


2:  Unified Messaging mailbox:  This mailbox allows all voicemail messages to be sent to Outlook inbox.  The voicemails are not stored on the voicemail server, they are now stored like email on the email server.  When a voicemail is sent to the email account inbox the Sender is CALLXPRESS and the subject line is who left the message.  Open the email and click on the wav. attachment and the voicemail will play over the PC speakers.  To delete the voicemail, just delete it like email messages.  There will not be a message waiting light indicator on the desktop phone anymore since now voicemail is being sent to the Outlook email inbox.  Voicemail can still be access by CWU desktop phone by just dialing 2500.

For any changes to voicemail boxes please fill out a Versmart work order ticket at


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