Information about Voicemail, conference calls and other Telecom support are listed here.

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Tutorials for Voicemail across campus.

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Pinned Article Conference Bridge

How to schedule the CWU Conference Bridge

Pinned Article Making Conference Calls At Your Desk

Using the conference calling feature on your desk phone. Have you ever needed to add a third party to your phone call but you weren't sure how, there's no need to be intimidated when trying to make a conference call. You'll find that it's a relatively straightforward process that only takes a couple of simple steps.

Pinned Article Telecom Work Order or Repair

How to submit a Telecom work order or repair ticket

Adjust the volume on your 3900 series phone

How to adjust the volume of a 3900 series phone.

Adjusting the volume on your 1140 IP phone.

Adjusting the volume on your 1140 IP phone.

Dialing Plan For Distance Education Centers That Have CWU Phone Service.

A quick guide on making calls outside of CWU campus.

Forwarding Your Office Phone to Another Phone Number

Forwarding the campus phones to another phone number.

Making Long Distance Calls with a CWU telephone

How to make Long Distance calls from a CWU provided telephone

Transferring Calls

How to transfer a call from a campus phone.