Reporting Phishing and Junk emails in Outlook

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This feature in Outlook is used to make the reporting of phishing emails much easier by clicking a button in Outlook or Outlook Web App. This will automatically be added to Outlook by Information Services.


For the Desktop version of Outlook:

Step One: Under the Home tab on the top ribbon of Outlook, click the Report Message button on the far right end.

Once you click Report Message, a drop-down menu will appear. Select Phishing and the report will be sent to Information Security Services.


For the Web Browser version of Outlook:

Step One: Open the message that you believe is phishing.

Step Two: Click the three dots next to Forward.

Step Three: Select Mark as phishing.

Once a message is reported as phishing, it will be sent to Information Security Services. Security Services will work on taking necessary action and may follow up if they need any additional information about the email you report.

Additionally, this offers you another way to mark messages as junk or not junk. This process is the same as reporting the email as phishing, however Mark as junk (Outlook online) or Junk (desktop version) will be selected.

Alternatively, you can send the email to one of the following addresses:

1. (email address for reported Junk emails)

2. (email address for reported Not Junk emails)

3. (email address for reported Phishing emails)

For additional information about this tool please check the following webpage:

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