Changing Your MyCWU Password

Here is some quick information about the CWU Passwords for Students, Faculty and Staff:

  • Your Password expires every 180 days/6 months
  • The same password works for MyCWU, CWU Outlook email, Canvas accounts, and WiFi Access across campus 
  • Passwords must be 14 or more characters and cannot contain personal information or previously used passwords.  

To update your password is to navigate to There will be a few options to pick on the CWU Account Management page, for password changes, you will use the Change your Password option. Alternatively, you can reach the account management page by clicking the Password Recovery/Forgot your Password option at the sign in page you are accessing. 

If you run into any issues with the CWU Account Management page or need help, please contact the Service Desk at 509-963-2001.

This is the CWU Account Management Portal. For password changes you will be using the "Change your Password" option. 

Change your Password - Password Reset Center

In the Password Reset Center, you can create a New Password by providing the Username and Current Password. Please make sure you follow the guidelines for creating a new password

On the Change Password screen, enter a new password. Keep in mind that the following password requirements must be met to be accepted by the system:

  • Password is case sensitive.
  • Must be at least 14 characters long.
  • Must not include part of your name, username or any personal info like addresses or phone numbers.
  • Must have at least three types of the following characters:
    • Uppercase (A-Z)
    • Lowercase (a-z)
    • Number (0-9)
    • Symbol (!, #, $, etc.)

Once a new password has been entered correctly, you will receive a message saying the password has been changed successfully.

Password and Username Recovery

If you have forgotten your password, select Password Recovery or call the Service desk

Password recovery will require your Username, CWU ID Number and Date of Birth. A temporary password will be sent to the Home Email Address on record with the Registrar. 

If you have forgotten your username, select Username Recovery.

Username recovery with require your CWU ID number and Home Email Address. If you are not sure what your CWU ID Number is, please contact the Registrar office at 509-963-3001 or the Service Desk at 509-963-2001.


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