Registering devices on CWU-Play and Wired (Ethernet) Connections

To register a device to Resnet network, navigate to

Step One: Login with your MyCWU username and password.

Step Two: Select the type of device you would like to register. (The application automatically opens to Wired Device Registration)

To register Wired Device (via Ethernet), use the Wired devices tab 

To register device to CWU-play (The device has no “username” option when connecting wirelessly) click on “register a device → Wireless Device on the left-hand menu.


Step Three: Enter your MAC address (wired MAC address for an ethernet connect; wireless MAC address for CWU-Play) and select your operating system.

If your system is not listed, simply select “Other”.

NOTE: Devices that need to pair over networks, such as Google Home and Alexa, will not be able to register to the CWU Play network.

How to find the Mac Address:


Step Four: After filling out the MAC address and selecting the Operating system, click on “Agree & Submit”.  

Step Five: wait approximately 15 minutes before connecting the network cable into the gaming console and restart the console completely.

Step Six: After restarting the console you should be able to connect to the cwu-play network.

The password for the cwu-play network is: wellington1891


Removing Registered Devices

If you recently got rid of a device, are getting close to your limit of 10 registered devices and would like to make room for new ones,or if you would like to change a device from a wired to wireless (cwu-play) registration, you have the option of removing devices.


Step One: On the left-hand menu, select remove devices and select which type (wired or wireless) you’d like to remove.

Step Two: Read the AUP and click “Agree & Submit.”

(The image below will populate the page with your currently-registered devices, including the device type and date registered).


Step three: Select the device you wish to remove and click the “Delete” button. 

(Click the back or forward arrows in order to cycle through your currently-registered devices).

For any further help, contact our IT Service Desk at (509) 963-2001.


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