Telecom Work Order or Repair

Before attempting to submit a Telecom related work request, please make sure you have approval for any charges that will occur from the work you are requesting.  A list of Telecom's pricing and charges can be seen here:

Telecom's ticketing system can be found here:  If we have given you access to the system, your login name is your whole cwu email address.  If you have never logged into this system before, you will want to click the link that says "Can't access your account" and the system will email you a password.  Once you login with that password you can change it to one that may be easier for you to remember and that link is found on the top left of your screen next to your name.  We typically only give people with budget authority access to our system to try and avoid any unauthorized charges to your budget.  If you have any problems getting logged in, please call 3425 or email

Please make sure to give us the following information when filling out your orders:

·       The telephone number if it is an existing device.

·       Jack numbers and room numbers (existing and/or new) so we know where to put the phone if no one is around when the tech is doing the work.

·       The name of the person who uses the device and how you want it to show on the Caller ID.

·       If the phone needs voice mail and long distance calling abilities. 

·       A Speed Key (budget number) that we can use to charge anything related to the order. 

If your wanting new service installed, please let us know if you have a phone already for us to activate or if you need to purchase one.


Once logged into the system, you will want to click on the telecom orders tab and under work order queues submit a new ticket.  You will want to use this system when requesting Moves/Adds(new)/or Changes to phone and voicemail service or when you need a data jack activated.

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