Student Lab - Software Request

Please complete this request to have software added to the on premise labs and also the virtual labs.

For On Premise labs:
 Requests for software installations need to be made by the same date required for textbook adoption to ensure they are available for the quarter when the software is to be used. This restriction is required in order to consolidate and test the software load for the Classroom/Lab computers while providing adequate time for scheduling the changes with staffing available.

  • Fall Quarter: May 1st.
  • Winter Quarter: October 15th.
  • Spring Quarter: January 15th.
  • Summer Session: April 1st.

Conferences request software 6 weeks prior to conference date.

Read full lab policy here

For Virtual labs:
We ask that you complete this form, regarding additional software you would like to add to virtual labs before the start of each quarter. Any requested changes after the quarter begins will likely incur a service charge, as this new technology is currently supported by an external consulting firm.  Please work with your departments budget authority to get approval and provide a budget speed key with your request.  The amount of this fee is still being negotiated, but we anticipate it will be a flat rate for a specific number of applications (i.e. up to 3 or 5 applications added for a TBD price).  It will be more cost effective for departments to submit their application requests in batches rather than one at a time.

Request Service


Fri 10/27/17 8:36 AM
Mon 5/18/20 2:28 PM