ResNet - Jail


Description/What is it?

ResNet Jail is for those students who have violated the Acceptable Use Policy for ResNet. This includes use of Peer-to-Peer files sharing applications, illegal music/video/file downloads and/or disruption of the ResNet network.


Who can use it?

Students can request this service.  If you are already affected by ResJail and have questions about your status, etc. please include in your request answers to the following:

  • your location (Residence Hall and room number)
  • if you have a DSL modem (Wahle apartments and Brooklane only)
  • the Username for the account
  • the Student ID for the account
  • if the problem is with a wired or wireless connection


How to request this service?

This service is requested through the Service Desk. Requests can be made by clicking the Request button to the right.

Request Service


Service ID: 4768
Wed 7/9/14 2:18 PM
Wed 6/24/20 3:20 PM