Organizational Changes Electronic Form

Description/What is it?

Any organizational unit, department, college, division or executive division under consideration for creation, change or inactivation must obtain the required approval per CWUP 2-10-050 (Department, College or Unit Name Change).

Prior to receiving approval from the executive division head, consultation with the Organizational Change Review Committee is required.  Additionally, organizational structure change which impact academic programs, departments and colleges, must follow the consultation process detailed in CWUP 5-50-060 (Curriculum Rules for Implementation).

The review of the proposed organizational structure change proposal by the Organizational Change Review Committee will identify the impacts of the change to operational systems within the university; identify the steps necessary to implement the organizations change upon final approval; establish a timeline for implementation; establish the appropriate leads for implementation or notification of change; and ensure documentation of all decisions is established and maintained for perpetuity.

The following information will be collected in this request...  

  • Department Name
  • Brief overview of the change
  • Date of Implementation
  • Justification
  • Authorization from a Dean/Faculty Senate/VP/President
  • Ready to evaluate business structure impact for the following areas
    • HR | Budget | Academic | Physical Location
  • Implementation Comments

Who can use it?

Departments seeking for a new ID# or to update/inactivate an existing Department ID#.

How to request this service?

Enterprise Applications will provide support for this service. Requests can be made by clicking the Request button to the right.

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