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Information Services can provide you with a Business Case Template, assist with completing the Business Case and answer questions about any supporting documents that may be requested by the Committees or Sub-councils.

The Solution Request process begins with filling out the Solution Request Form that will route directly to the Information Services Team. Your solution may not require a Business Case or review from a sub-council or committee. They will assist you in navigating that process.

Proposed solutions and requests may go to various sub-councils under the Enterprise Information Systems Committee (EISC) or the Enterprise Facilities Committee. Once a business case is reviewed, the approved requests will be added to the que of work and projects currently underway at CWU. The governance committees will assist in prioritizing the requests as needed.


Helpful Information:

Enterprise Information Systems Committee

The EISC committee is to establish and maintain an effective governance structure which links CWU technology (hardware, software and information systems) related decision making to the ongoing strategic planning process of CWU.  The committee will translate the mission and values of CWU into actionable and measurable goals, strategies, initiatives, and programs.  The committee will provide recommendations for both long and short-term decision-making by the cabinet, thus enabling the cabinet to make effective choices among competing demands for capital investment, infrastructure support, programmatic support, facilities, and human resources.

Committee responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Establishing enterprise technology needs and presenting appropriate recommendations to the cabinet
  • Making low to mid-level decisions regarding enterprise technology needs/requests and communicating those decisions as appropriate
  • Ensuring that major enterprise technology decisions are appropriately considered, planned, and communicated as a formal project plan.  This approach facilitates the successful execution of the project(s)
  • Monitoring progress on technology initiatives and projects
  • Guiding the development and implementation of a university-wide strategic technology plan
  • Serving as an effective forum for communication to, from, and among various University constituencies


EISC Subcouncils:

  • ATAC - The Academic Technology Advisory Council (ATAC) advises the Enterprise Team and Provost and recommends policies, procedures, and projects related to the support of instructional and academic technologies and associated enterprise-related systems.  Reviews long-range strategic plans, and assists with software and hardware procurement strategies and trends for academic and instructional information technology to be used at CWU.  The ATAC will review the prioritization of instructional and academic technology projects, and recommends changes where appropriate.
  • BTAC - The Business Technology Advisory Council advises the CWU Enterprise Information Systems Committee -EISC (formerly the Enterprise Team) and Vice-President of Business and Financial Affairs and recommends policies, procedures, and projects related to the support of business and financial technologies and associated enterprise-related systems.  Additionally, the Non-Academic Sub-Council reviews specific business case submissions to determine alignment with the University Strategic Plan, assists with the hardware and/or software procurement strategies, and provides updates to CWU Enterprise Information Systems Committee - EISC.  The Non-Academic Sub-Council will also review the prioritization of business and financial technology projects and recommend changes as appropriate.

Enterprise Facilities Committee

The Enterprise Facilities Committee is to provide an effective link between facilities related decision making to the ongoing strategic planning process of CWU.


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