Solution Request


Submit a solution request if:

  • You are purchasing new software, including software licensing
  • You want to add or modify functionality in PeopleSoft (MyCWU) or another application
  • You need assistance from IS on CWU servers, networks, or other infrastructure (i.e., changes to WiFi)
  • Your need to transfer or access data to/from a CWU system from/to another 3rd party application
  • Your request involves the collection, transfer, processing, or deletion of sensitive personal data (data that may be used to identify individuals)



The Solutions Request Team reviews a request to assess technical feasibility, security risk, vendor risk, and any privacy concerns.  Due to the volume and nature of the requests submitted, please allow two months for the Solutions Request Team to complete its assessments/reviews.  Below this section are tips to help speed up the process.

The general process, however, is as follows:

  1. Requestor submits request in TeamDynamix
  2. Solution Request Team (SRT) completes initial review and requests additional information, if necessary
  3. Requestor provides additional information and SRT continues review/assessment
  4. If necessary, Requestor attends the SRT’s weekly meeting (Tuesdays, 10 – 11 AM) to discuss the request
  5. SRT and Requestor complete follow up activities after meeting, as necessary
  6. SRT finalizes its review/assessment
  7. For new software requests, Ginny Tomlinson, CIO, will meet with Kurt Kirstein, Interim Provost, and Joel Klucking, CFO, for governance approval and prioritization.
  8. SRT notifies Requestor and Contracts/Purchasing, if necessary, if approved. If the request is denied or there are concerns, the SRT will discuss further with the Requestor.



To help the process move as quickly as possible, consider the following when submitting a request.

  • Confirm executive level support before submitting a request
  • For new software, confirm a vendor contact who will be able to provide information about the software pertaining to technical setup, data protection, and data retention/migration
  • Understand what data is involved in the request and how it flows between existing software and your requested software
  • Clarify if the new software being requested will be replacing any current software
  • If there is a compliance requirement associated with the request, include the specific compliance language or reference/link to that language
  • Provide as much information as you can.  The more the SRT understands about your request, the easier it is to assess

Submit Solution Request


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