Self-Service Password Reset Registration

Before users are able to utilize the SSPR (Self-Service Password Reset), an authentication method must be added to the CWU account. This allows users to reset their password with an alternate method. Users can still recover their CWU account by visiting


Step 1: Open a web browser and go to

Step 2: The first page will prompt for an email login. Please enter your address (Not First.Lastname).

Step Three: After entering your email, the page will redirect to CWU’s portal prompting for your CWU Email login and password.

Step 4: At the SSPR Registration screen, it is recommended to have 2 authentication methods. There is a minimum requirement to have at least 1 authentication method below.

  1. Authentication by Phone
  2. Authentication by Email (Personal email, non-CWU)
  3. Security Questions

Step 5: Once SSPR registration is completed, you may proceed with resetting your password at

If you still need assistance with recovering your account or changing your password, please visit our Passwords & Account Access page or use the Passwords & Accounts - Support/Assistance service

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