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Data/Report Request

Description/What is it?

Do you need current and/or historical data about CWU?

Who can use it?

CWU Faculty and Staff can request this service. 

If you are not CWU Faculty or Staff, please visit for a Public Records Request.

How to request this service?

This service is requested to the office of Institutional Effectiveness.  Requests can be made by clicking the Request button to the right.

Before requesting data, please read this disclosure:
By requesting this service, I confirm that I am requesting official CWU data for institutional purposes relating to my professional responsibilities and I will not re-disclose any confidential data (including but not limited to identifiable student records) to anyone else except as needed to perform my official duties. I understand that disclosing confidential data to unauthorized parties is strictly prohibited by law.

I understand that I am submitting, to the best of my knowledge, a finalized data request. Any future communication to amend this data request needs to be submitted to OE as soon as possible and may require amending the originally requested due dates.

Please see additional information regarding the proper use of CWU information and FERPA regulations.

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