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A simple guide to have students keep their home email address up-to-date and allows users to recover their MyCWU account.
How to find your MAC (Hardware) Address in Windows 7.
How to find your MAC (Hardware) Address in Mac OS X
Step by Step guide on how to find you IPv4 Address on Windows 10.
If you would like to prevent Outlook from auto-completing an address in the To, CC, and BCC lines, this guide will show you step by step.
A quick guide on finding your IPv4 Address on Windows 7
A quick guide on retrieving your Firstname.Lastname Email Alias in MyCWU.
Confused about your new First.Last name change? Click here for more information!
A step by step guide on updating your contact information, including home addresses, contact numbers, and email addresses.
How to map a network drive on a Windows computer
Step by step guide on how to map a network drive on a Windows 10 computer.
This article discusses the categories of IP addresses in use at CWU.
How to find your IP address on a Mac running OS X address FAQ.