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A simple guide to have students keep their home email address up-to-date and allows users to recover their MyCWU account.
Learn how to create your CWU account to access MyCWU, Canvas and Outlook.
Information on Protecting your Windows based computer from the WannaCrypt Ransomware virus. Information on Patches for Windows Operating systems.
A step by step guide on updating your contact information, including home addresses, contact numbers, and email addresses.
Learn how to update your CWU password that manages your MyCWU, email, and Canvas accounts.
A step by step guide on how to add a phone number or email address to Canvas Notifications.
Employees of Central Washington University are now able to update their phone number through MyCWU.
A step-by-step guide to updating Mac OS X.
Step-by-step instructions on using the Post Admission Applicant Suspense Data process.