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First time login instructions for CWU Outlook account
A simple guide on installing and taking tests in the LockDown Browser.
How to clear history, cookies and cache in Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.
A quick guide on retrieving your Firstname.Lastname Email Alias in MyCWU.
This article will show future students how to log in to MyCWU and accept their admission to Central Washington University.
This page walks users through the process of accepting/declining their Financial Aid awards.
A step by step guide on how to show students to sign into their MyCWU page from the Central Washington University website.
A step by step guide on viewing your class schedule in MyCWU.
A step by step guide on viewing your unofficial transcripts within MyCWU or requesting official transcripts to be sent.
A step by step guide on finding and viewing your 1098-T tax form.
A step by step guide on updating your contact information, including home addresses, contact numbers, and email addresses.
A simple guide to have students keep their home email address up-to-date and allows users to recover their MyCWU account.
A step by step guide on updating your Student Preferred Name in MyCWU.
Learn how to create your CWU account to access MyCWU, Canvas and Outlook.
Learn how to update your CWU password that manages your MyCWU, email, and Canvas accounts.