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Email, Calendaring, and Drives

• Email Alias Name Change
• Mobile Device Email Setup
• Outlook Email/Calendar and Archive Issues

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Network Drive/Folder Access

Do you need access to a shared folder? Need help mapping a network drive? Do you need an account or access restored?

Services (7)

Email Alias Change

Would you like to change your FirstName.LastName email alias? Click the request service using the green button to the right.

Mobile Device Email Setup

Are you having issues with your ActiveSync? Would you like to request ActiveSync?

Archiving email

How do I archive my email?

Cannot connect to retrieve my email

Do you need help gaining access to your email?

Permissions/Proxy Access

Do you need assistance with permission and proxy access for sharing?


Do you need assistance setting up your SPAM filter? Are you looking for an email you were expecting that you have not received?

General Email/Calendar Issues

Do you need assistance with your email or calandar?