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Looking to gain access to CatPlan or having issues connecting to CatPlan?

Schedule an appointment with ATMS on how-to use the Classroom technology.

This request includes:
- One-time data reports (ad-hoc)
- Recurring reports
- Grant Support

Seeking to have software installed in a specific student computer lab?

Create a new Foundation fund. (Also known as account, PID or Project ID.)

Experiencing an issue with a specific web page?

If you would like to request a Windows laptop for long term checkout, please fill out this request. For Students only.

Would you like to have your Windows 7/8 machine updated to Windows 10? Submit your request here!

Do you need assistance or have questions regarding Budgets, nVision Reports, Requisitions, or Travel?

Do you have a need for standard desktop software to be installed/updated on your device?

Have an issue inside of SmartView for Catplan?

Experiencing issues or lost connectivity to CWU's Wi-Fi network?

For immediate assistance contact Canvas Technical Support 24/7 at 1-833-209-6110

Do you want to request VPN access to the CWU Campus Network?

Seeking advice or help on picking new desktop equipment, printers or other devices?

Need assistance with setting up Multi Factor Authentication? Experiencing issues with MFA?

Do you need to order a new phone, new phone line or repairs to a phone? Do you have questions regarding your long distance billing?

Need assistance releasing quarantined messages or updating blocked/allowed senders in Proofpoint?

If you have a fundraising event and need the Foundation to process your funds please start here.

Are you experiencing an issue with Budgets, nVision Reports, Requisitions, or Travel?

Seeking help getting a device on either the Wi-Fi or wired ResNet network in the residence halls? Need assistance with connecting to your Fairpoint Modem in your apartment?

Seeking assistance or inquiring about computer hardware or software?

Seeking to have a network folder created and added? Need assistance mapping a network drive?

Please submit to have your photo excluded from the CWU Employee Directory. Your photo will be replaced with our CWU Wildcat Statue image.

Need assistance on connecting to CWU's Wi-Fi network?