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Add an Authorized User to TouchNet

This will allow outsiders to make payments on students behalf.

Changing Your MyCWU Password

Learn how to update your CWU password that manages your MYCWU, email, and Canvas accounts.

CLA SSO Errors

This article is for CLA and Skillsoft SSO errors.

Creating Your New or Alumni CWU Account

Learn how to create your CWU account to access MyCWU, Canvas and Outlook.

Enrolling in a Course on MyCWU

A guide to enrolling in courses using MyCWU.

Finding Your Email Alias in MyCWU

A quick guide on retrieving your Firstname.Lastname Email Alias in MyCWU.

How to Accept Admissions in MyCWU

This article will show future students how to log in to MyCWU and accept their admission to Central Washington University.

How to Accept/Decline Financial Aid in MyCWU

This page walks users through the process of accepting/declining their Financial Aid awards.

How to find your Connection Card balance

This guide will show you how to find the amount of money you have on your connection card.

How to Sign into MyCWU

A step by step guide on how to show students to sign into their MyCWU page from the Central Washington University website.

How to View Class Schedule in MyCWU

A step by step guide on viewing your class schedule in MyCWU.

Internet Explorer Compatibility Fix for navigating CWU and MyCWU

A quick fix when navigating MyCWU in Internet Explorer and when navigation bars and links are misaligned.

Making a Payment in MyCWU (via TouchNet)

How to make a payment from your MyCWU portal via TouchNet.

Posting a classified ad on CWU

How to post a Classified AD on the CWU Classified page.

Preferred Name Change for Employees

This article will list the steps required for employees' to set their preferred name that will be displayed in Outlook.

Preferred Name Change for Students

A step by step guide on updating your Student Preferred Name in MyCWU.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) is a feature associated with logical access to multiple related, but independent information systems. Using this feature a user logs in once and gains access to all systems without being prompted to log in again at each of them. The University is using a product called Shibboleth to provide this SSO functionality.

Sponsor Guest Accounts

How to create a sponsor account for guests on campus. Especially useful for sports camps and special guests who need to use computers and give presentations.

Student/Faculty/Staff Log In for Service Desk Ticket Requests

Student/Faculty/Staff Log In for Service Desk requests and history.

Submitting Grades on MyCWU

To submit grades, log into MyCWU and scroll to the Faculty Toolbox and select Faculty Center. In the faculty center select the grade roster for the corresponding class and then select grades from the drop down menu for students, then save to submit.

Technician Log In

Team Dynamix is CWU's Ticketing Software. Technician Log in address is

Updating Your Home Email Address in MyCWU

A simple guide to have students keep their home email address up-to-date and allows users to recover their MyCWU account.

Updating Your Personal Information in MyCWU

A step by step guide on updating your contact information, including home addresses, contact numbers, and email addresses.

Viewing Unofficial or Requesting Official Transcripts in MyCWU

A step by step guide on viewing your unofficial transcripts within MyCWU or requesting official transcripts to be sent.

Viewing your 1098-T Tax Form

A step by step guide on finding and viewing your 1098-T tax form.