This category contains information on the assorted software in use around campus.

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ArcGIS Software Updates/Changes

Notification of ArcGIS Usage

Capture Pop-up Menu items with Snipping Tool

Capture pop-up menu items with Snipping tool in Windows 10.

Creating a CWU Qualtrics account

How to create a CWU Qualtrics account.

Effective Searching of Windows File Systems

Advanced options for searching the file system on Windows machines.

Installing VLC Player

A quick guide on how to watch videos on Windows. VLC Player is available to download from the Software Center.

Setting Adobe Reader to be Default .pdf Reader

How to change your default .pdf reader application to be Adobe Reader.

SPSS Site-License renewals for CWU owned computers (only)

We have updated IBM SPSS Statistics to version 24 for both PCs and Macs and have transitioned the license manager to a new server (new expiration is August 31, 2017). The license period for old versions will expire at the end of October so you will need to submit a Service Desk request to update your SPSS license (both desktop and laptop licenses).