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Add/Update RE Record (Not a Bio update)

Any information that needs to be added to an RE record, besides biographical information: media, rosters, relationships, attributes, appeals, volunteer roles, etc.

Apple Repair Service

This is Apple computing repairs for students arranged through the Wildcat Shop.

Auxiliaries - Issue

Is there an issue with an existing auxiliaries operated system?

Auxiliaries - New Service Request

Have a business case for Auxiliary Services?

AV Classroom Assistance

Schedule an appointment with ATMS on how-to use the Classroom technology.

AV Classroom Maintenance

Anything need replacing? Projector dim? Screen off-center?

AV Conference Room Assistance

Need assistance with the AV equipment in a conference room?

AV Conference Room Maintenance

Anything need replacing? Projector dim? Screen off-center?

AV Digital Signage Inquiry/Design

AV Event Service

Do you have an event that requires AV setup/configuration for invited guests, a film festival, livestreaming, specific audio transmission, something pretty special?

AV Inquiry/Design

Looking for new enhancements or additions to a Classroom, Conference room or Collaborative-space?

AV Training

Want to set up a training session? We can schedule a training in the space you will be using or utilize our dedicated training space with classroom equipment!

Aviation General Request

Have a general request for Aviation?


Basic Overview of Using Panopto for CWU Faculty

Campus-wide lecture capture system. Used to record voice-over lectures and screen-capture videos that can be posted within Canvas courses

Bio Update

Update biographical information in Raisers Edge.

Blackbaud - Password Reset

Reset password in one of the systems we administer. (Raiser’s Edge [RE], Financial Edge [FE], Financial Edge NXT [FE NXT], Amplo CMS, etc.)


Canvas Help and Support for Faculty

For immediate assistance call 1-877-399-8897 or click to connect to all Canvas resources.

Canvas Help and Support for Students

For immediate assistance contact Canvas Technical Support 24/7 at 1-877-399-8897

Canvas Preferred Name Issue

Has your name been updated within MyCWU but not reflecting in Canvas yet?

CatPlan - Account Access/Provision

Looking to gain access to CatPlan or having issues connecting to CatPlan?

CatPlan - Issue with Report, Form or Dashboard

Is there an issue with the Report, Form or Dashboard in CatPlan?

CatPlan - Request for Report, Form or Dashboard

Looking to get a new Report, Form or Dashboard from CatPlan?

CatPlan - SmartView Issue

Have an issue inside of SmartView for Catplan?

CatPlan - SmartView Setup/Request

Want to have SmartView installed and setup for CatPlan?

CatPlan - Support/Training

Looking for some training or something that isn't covered above?

Centers Office Moves

Central Learning Academy Online Access / Log In Issues

Central Learning Academy Online provides training access for permanent employees at CWU. It provides professional development opportunities as well as required training.

Change PID

Make a change to an existing Foundation fund. (Also known as account, PID or Project ID.)

Check Request - CWU Foundation Payment or Reimbursement

Please follow instructions listed under the CWU Foundation for Foundation Check Request.

Computer Reconnection Request

Returning to campus with a CWU-tagged computer?

Computer Refresh Program

Conference Calling

Do you need to check out a Conference Phone? Do you need to schedule the Conference Bridge service?

Constituent Research

Contact information for a constituent.

Create New Systems Login and Password

Request a user account in Raiser's Edge, Financial Edge, FE NXT or any of our other systems.

Create Raiser's Edge Record

Request for a new person, business or foundation record in Raiser's Edge.

CWU Website Request

Need to make an update to your department's website? Are you experiencing a broken link on


Dashboard Slowness

Use this form to report dashboard performance issues.

Data Center Hosting - Issue

Need to report an issue with a hosted system/equipment at Samuelson Data Center?

Data Center Hosting - Request

Seeking to have equipment or systems hosted at the Samuelson Data Center?

Data Request

Request a constituent list of donors, alumni or friends.

DE Incident Reporting

Complete this form to report an incident with a distance education class or video conference.

Desktop Computing - Issue

Experiencing issues with your CWU workstation?

Desktop Computing - Request/Assistance

Seeking assistance or inquiring about computer hardware or software?

Desktop Software Request

Do you have a need for standard desktop software to be installed/updated on your device?

DocuSign Solution Request

The DocuSign Solution request is designed to capture enough information allow us to contact your department regarding finding an optimal solution that can bring users quickly together in a digitally secure location to complete complex agreements involving multiple people, documents and approval/review stages.

Donor Fundraising Reports

Request Summary or Detailed Fundraising Totals by Class, Major, Fund or other criteria


eCommerce Site Request

Do you currently accept payment for services offered in your department? Would you like to reduce the administrative burden with your current payment process and maintain Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance? Use the Request eCommerce green button to initiate the process of creating an eMarket website to process payments online.

Ellensburg Campus Office Moves

Relocations typically occur due to a building remodel, the completion of a new facility, re-organization, or a space assignment change required to better support University operations. The instructions that follow are designed to simplify the preparation, move-in and resettling process.

Email & Calendaring - Support/Assistance

Need assistance with your Outlook mailbox or calendar, for instance, logging into email, requesting for shared mailbox/calendars or adding to a mobile device.

Email Alias & Username Changes

Would you like to change your FirstName.LastName email alias or a username change? Click the request service using the green button to the right.

Enterprise Finance System (FMS) Issue

Are you experiencing an issue with Budgets, nVision Reports, Requisitions, or Travel?

Enterprise Finance System (FMS) Request

Do you need assistance or have questions regarding Budgets, nVision Reports, Requisitions, or Travel?

Enterprise HR System Broken

Are you experiencing an issue within the Enterprise HR System? This includes unplanned interruption of service, reduction in quality of the system or Enterprise HR system failure.

Enterprise HR System Request

Do you need assistance or have a request regarding HR Systems such as Benefits, Payroll, Self Service/Manager Self Service, Time and Attendance or Training?

Enterprise Student System Issue

Are you experiencing an issue with Campus Solutions? This includes unexpected errors and unplanned interruptions with student account access, student academic records access, and academic queries/reporting.

Enterprise Student System Request

Do you need service or access to Campus Solution modules? This service includes help with student academic/enrollment, admissions, financials, aid and degree information, new query or query updates, or access to pages within MyCWU.


Facilities Information Request

- Request AiM/AiMIQ Account
- Request Data
- Need help on the AiM/AiMIQ
- Report issues
- Request business automation, reports, customization, and projects

Foundation Cash Box Request

If you need a cash box for an event out of your Foundation account.

Foundation Check Request

Request a check for reimbursement or contract payment.

Foundation Event Support

If you have a fundraising event and need the Foundation to process your funds please start here.


General Request

We want to hear from you. Please contact us with your concerns, praise and questions

Geographic Research

Location research

Gift Agreements

CWU Foundation forms and templates to document planned gift expediencies, endowments or major gift annual support . Please submit completed form to the CWU Foundation.

Gift in Kind Acceptance

If you have a Gift in Kind and need to credit it to your Foundation account, please request service here.

Gift Report

Weekly gift report of all gifts processed during the week.

Gift-In-Kind Donations

CWU Foundation Form for a Gift-In-Kind. Please complete form with signatures before submitting along with a service request to the CWU Foundation.


Hardware Disposal

Looking to have computing equipment that you need to dispose?

Heads Up

Any important information for Operations.

High Performance Computing - Platform Issue

Need to report an issue with a High Performance Computing platform or CWU's IBM Turing Cluster?

High Performance Computing - Project/Platform Request

Seeking High Performance Computing resources for a project - or looking to establish a new HPC hardware platform?

HR Internal Admin Services Support

Request assistance from the HR Administrative Support Staff.

HR Internal Employee Services Support

HR Internal Employee Services Support

HR Position Description or Allocation Review

Request to review Position Description or Allocation

HR Webpage - Add a Page Request

This form is for HR staff to submit a request for a new Webpage.

HR Webpage - Delete a Page Request

This form is for HR staff to submit a Webpage deletion request..

HR Webpage - Modify a Page Request

This form is for HR staff to request changes to the HR Webpage.


Important Visitor or Alumni

We want to know about your important guest coming to campus!

Institutional Effectiveness Data/Report Request

This request includes:
- One-time data query (ad-hoc)
- One-time data report (ad-hoc)
- Reoccurring report
- Grant Support

Internet Infrastructure Issue

Need to report an issue with an existing/requested Internet Infrastructure?

Internet Infrastructure Request

Seeking to have a Internet Infrastructure Request completed?


LockDown Browser and Testing Issues


MFA Token Request

Request a physical Multi-factor Authentication Token used for MFA required systems.


Are you off the CWU Campus and need assistance accessing MyCWU?

MyCWU Support

Do you need help with MyCWU?


Network Folders - Request

Seeking to have a network folder created and added? Need assistance mapping a network drive?

Network Security Issue

Need to report a network breach, DNS/RP2 or other network security issues?

Network Security Request

Seeking to have a network security change made? (Splunk, Netflow accounting, Firewall, IDS, etc.)

New Hardware Purchase Inquiry

Seeking advice or help on picking new desktop equipment, printers or other devices?

New PID Request

Create a new Foundation fund. (Also known as account, PID or Project ID.)

New Training Request

Do you have a need for training or a workshop that does not currently exist at CWU? Central Learning Academy can provide resources for training or professional development. Needs analysis are conducted on requests for new materials.


Office 365 - New Service Request

Need assistance with an Office 365 service or have a business case Enterprise Integrations can provide support for?

Office 365 - Support

Is there an issue with an existing Office 365 service?


This request is to be submitted by the supervisor of the new employee.  The supervisor is responsible for checking the box(s) where PeopleSoft access is required and will be required to enter the Employee ID or Username.

Online Lectures / Panopto Recordings

Campus-wide lecture capture system. Used to record voice-over lectures and screen-capture videos that can be posted within Canvas courses.

Opt Out of CWU Directory Photo

Please submit to have your photo excluded from the CWU Employee Directory. Your photo will be replaced with our CWU Wildcat Statue image.


Passwords & Accounts - Support/Assistance

Need assistance with setting up an account, changing a password or requesting a new account?

Permission Request

Request more permissions in one of our systems (RE, RE NXT, FE, FE NXT, etc)


Do you need to order a new phone, new phone line or repairs to a phone? Do you have questions regarding your long distance billing?

PID Request

CWU Foundation Form to initiate a new project (PID) in financial system. Please submit service ticket for a New PID request to begin process for any new project.

Pledge and Planned Gift Form

CWU Foundation form to document a multi-year pledge agreement or a planned gift expectancy. Please contact Advancement Operations is you have questions about the forms.

Portfolio Management

This service is for anything you need either added or taken off of your profile, questions about prospects in your portfolio, etc.

Printing - Inquiry/Setup/Connect

Seeking to add a printer to the network, connect to your workstation or inquiry on a new printer?

Printing - Issue

Experiencing issues with a local or network printer?

Prospect Research

In-depth prospect research


Raiser's Edge Adjustment

If there is a gift that needs an adjustment

Registration for Training Request

Registration for Training Request - Central Learning Academy will assist with setting up your training for tracking inside of MyCWU.

Remote Access - Support/Assistance

Need assistance with getting remotely connected to CWU's network after receiving VPN access? Help connecting to a Network Drive or Remote Desktop remotely?

Request a Design Course

A design course is used to construct course content in Canvas before teaching a course. You can request as many design courses as needed.

Request a SharePoint Site for a Department

Department managers can use this form to submit a request for a new SharePoint team site.

Request Access to Concluded Course

Canvas courses will conclude for faculty one quarter after the course was taught. For example, Summer 2015 courses will remain active for faculty until the end of Fall 2015. Complete this request if you need to have your course re-opened.

Request Assistance With a SharePoint Site

SharePoint Site Owners can use this form to request assistance from the SharePoint Administrator for issues with apps, web parts, or assigning new owners.

Request Training

Please request training for any of our systems including but not limited to: Raiser's Edge, Financial Edge, Team Dynamix, etc.

Research Project

- Request IE conduct a research project
- Request analysis assistance on an institutional research project

ResNet - Jail

Are you a student living on campus and you need information about ResNet Jail?

ResNet - Data Jack Conversion Request

Seeking to have a non-data jack converted to allow network connectivity in your residence hall room?

ResNet - Modem Issue

Experiencing issues with your FairPoint modem in either the Brooklane, Getz-Short or Wahle apartments?

ResNet - Wired/Wireless Issue

Experiencing slow performance in your residence hall or connectivity issues over the Wi-Fi or wired ResNet network?

ResNet - Wired/Wireless Support/Assistance

Seeking help getting a device on either the Wi-Fi or wired ResNet network in the residence halls? Need assistance with connecting to your Fairpoint Modem in your apartment?

Respondus 4.0 Test Authoring Software

Click in to report a problem with Responds 4.0 for test authoring. The download and passcode information is available to all faculty via the CWU Instructor Resource Course in Canvas.


SAS Administration

SEOI Support

Seeking help with SEOI (EvaluationKIT)?

Separate Course Sections in Canvas

Course sections are automatically combined in Canvas if they have the same course ID, instructor, and teaching modality (face-to-face or online). Instructors can request to have their sections separated, if they do not want to teach from one single Canvas course.

Slate Issue

Experiencing an issue with Slate?

Slate New Request

Need access, training or support in Slate?

Solution Request

Do you have a proposal that offers a solution to a business need? Request this and complete the Solution Request Form for such things as:
Looking into purchasing new software - CWU may already have a solution you can use!
See a need for improvement to a business process?
Request for changes required by outside agencies for reporting or compliance.

Sponsorship Acceptance

Departments and programs that engage in planning events/activities that involve soliciting sponsorships, paid registrations, and recognition activities must submit a sponsorship form and a copy of the sponsorship agreement along with the revenue (check, credit card payment) for deposit with the CWU Foundation.

Student Employment Website Edit

Request for edit on Student Employment Website

Student Lab - Break/Fix

Issue with a computer in a student lab?

Student Lab - Software Request

Seeking to have software installed in a specific student computer lab?

Student Position Account Request

This request is to be submitted by the supervisor of the new student position account. The supervisor is responsible for checking the box(s) where PeopleSoft, Network Folder and Work Hour restrictions are required.

Support for Dashboards

- Request access and/or training to Analytics
- Report problems with dashboards or data
- Request a new dashboard
- Issues tracking


Time & Attendance

Time Reporting/Absence Management questions or issues.

Tribute/Deceased Research

If we need to add a tribute to a record because gifts will be coming in honoring the deceased.


UHNSP - Broken System

Want to report a broken University Housing and New Student Programs system?

UHNSP - Request

Seeking to have assistance or support in an existing system within University Housing and New Student Programs?

Upload media to Canvas


Virtual Machine - Issue

Need to report an issue with an existing Virtual Machine that is currently hosted on CWU's network?

Virtual Machine - Provisioning/Tuning Request

Seeking to have a Virtual Machine on CWU's network or have an existing one tuned?

Voicemail Password Reset

Do you need assistance with your Voicemail? Do you need the Voicemail password reset?

VPN Access Request

Do you want to request VPN access to the CWU Campus Network?


Wepa Printing Issue

Experiencing issues with a Wepa kiosk on campus?

Wi-Fi Assistance/Support

Need assistance on connecting to CWU's Wi-Fi network?

Wi-Fi Issue/Break

Experiencing issues or lost connectivity to CWU's Wi-Fi network?

Windows 10 Upgrade Request

Would you like to have your Windows 7/8 machine updated to Windows 10? Submit your request here!

Wired Network Issue

Experiencing wired network connectivity issues at CWU Ellensburg or other CWU Campus locations?

Wired Network Request

Seeking assistance or support with connecting a computing device at CWU Ellensburg or other CWU Campus locations?